Friday, March 30, 2012

Top Fashion Tips This Summer

As summer draws ever closer, fashion styles continue to change on the High Street as various brands and organisations adapt, making it very difficult for fashion conscious males to stay in touch with the latest look they are after. The world of fashion is constantly on the change, as brand after brand release innovative new product ranges to compete in the tough current climate. Here are some tips for this Summer.

TOMS footwear

Looking set to impress for the second year running. A very expansive product range means there will be a particular style to fit everyone's individual tastes. Appealing to be worn with any outfit, TOMS shoes look set to further gain popularity this year. A cheap retail price attracts many customers and is a huge contributor as to why they fly off the rails of the High Street. Their very inspirational promotion campaign has helped Toms gain the ethical status it has today. The 'one for one' campaign means the brand will match every pair of shoes sold with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. This campaign on its own is enough to entice customers into purchasing from the brand, as they are aware of the beneficial aspects that Toms do behind the scenes.


Ever since chinos took the men's fashion industry by storm last summer, they have only moved in one direction and that is upwards. Various brands including G-Star and Diesel have attempted to combat this by releasing their very own product range of chinos to prevent them taking a massive hold in the current market. This summer it looks like chinos will be the thing to have once again, with various styles and colours adding to an already expansive product range.


Seemingly always renowned as a good seller on the High Street, it looks as though stripes are going to be the must have this season. Suited to be worn either on its own or with an open buttoned shirt, stripes will kick off that look this season, giving customers the impression of a smarter, more original look this summer. One of the brands releasing garments with the inclusion of stripes in their product range is Fred Perry, giving the impression that as a brand they keep very much up to date with any changes on the High Street.

What does the future hold for the world of fashion? Changes in designer clothing are never going to end, as brands look to keep up to date with the latest looks on the High Street, providing customers with top end designer clothing for years to come

Friday, March 23, 2012

Information About Cowgirl Boots 2012

For women living in the outback region of Australia or are in ranch living, cowgirl boots are commonly used. Cowgirl boots are for women version of cowboy boots. These boots have a Cuban heel, high shaft, pointed to rounded toe. There is no lacing for the traditional styles. They are generally made from cowhide leather but can also be made from skin of the animals such as snake, alligator, ostrich, elephant and elk among others.

Nowadays, there are actually two basic styles of Cowgirl boots namely the classic or the western style and the roper style. The classic style has a tall boot shaft that is going to at least mid-calf with an angled heel frequently over an inch high. The usual classic style of toe is pointed though there are various toe shapes these days. The roper style, on the other hand, is distinguishable with a short boot shaft which stops above the ankle but before the mid-calf with a very low and squared off "roper" heel which is shaped to the sole of the boot at less than an inch high. This boot style is generally made with rounded toes that go together with style changes. Moreover, it has a lace-up design that often suits better around the ankle and is less likely to slip off. These features are implemented for the safety of the riders.

Cowgirl boots are undeniably suitable for women horse riders who need appropriate and fashionable footwear. Apparently, women have more eye for fashion and choosing the right boots to go with the outfit is utmost important them. Fortunately, these boots can go well with jeans and dresses with the consideration of the colour of the boots. They are preferable to wear because they are cute, durable and comfortable for the feet. Moreover whether for summer or winter, they are suitable to wear. Thus, they can be worn the whole year round making them very useful and advantageous for women to have.

They can be bought from local or online stores. When buying from an online store, it is important to make sure to buy only from a legitimate and reputable store. In that way, you can ensure that your money is spent on a legitimate purchase transaction. These boots are good finds that you can use for a long time when properly cared for. All in all, it is a good decision including these boots in your footwear options.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 Steps to Choosing the Best Handmade Purses

Handmade purses are a dime a dozen. Visit any swap meet or flea market and you will find dozens of booths and sellers offering purses, tote bags, diaper bags and other types of bags made by hand. Before you plunk down your hard earned money on an inferior bag, learn what you need to look for when it comes to buying the best bag.

What is your Personal Style?

Take a quick peek at your own bag to see your personal style. If you typically carry a plain leather handbag, then you might not feel comfortable with a colorful patchwork design. Handmade purses come in thousands of different options, including different patterns, colors and styles. The best handbag must match your personal style or it will wind up gathering dust in your closet.

You need a fashion bag that works with the clothing that you wear every day. Avoid wasting money on a bag that you might only carry once or twice by looking for one that matches your style. The best way to pick a bag is to scan the options quickly and look for the purse that stands out from the pack. That bag that stands out in your eye is the best choice.

Size Options

You need a bag capable of storing everything that you need, whether you look for student messenger bags, diaper bags, handmade fabric handbags or sewing bags. If you need a bigger bag to store all of your sewing notions, then don't be afraid to purchase a larger bag. If you choose a smaller handbag, you might find yourself purchasing a new one in just a few weeks.

Examine the Stitching

When you buy something made by hand, you buy something without quality control or the standards used by larger stores. Examine the bag carefully, paying special attention to the stitching. You should not see any loose threads or signs of unfinished stitching. The best purses quality stitching that holds up to repeated use and pressure.

Check the Lining

When examining the quality of the bag, make sure that you look at the lining. The lining should have tight and close stitches that hold the lining to the outside of the handbag. Examine the lining carefully for any signs of defects, including broken or damaged fabric. Some designers might use inferior fabric on the inside of the bag.

Try on the Bag

When you shop offline, take the time to actually try out the bag. Throw it over your shoulder and pay attention to how it feels. The handbag should fit comfortably without feeling too heavy or tight. Keep in mind that you want a bag that moves as you move, and not one that feels like it weighs you down.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Key Looks For Sandals

This summer, the key trends in sandals are all about natural materials such as cork, rope and wood and canvas. Cork has seen a major revival in the new wave of high heeled wedges and gladiator style sandals are incorporating string and rope in ankle encasing criss-cross strapping.

However, natural materials don't always mean dull colours. This modern version of the old favourite is dressed up with brightly coloured and patterned leather with a variety of accessories from strapping and frills to intricate embellishments.

Colour and pattern has seen a major revival with sandals in bold fuchsias, radiant yellows and bright happy oranges in block colour across leather and canvas. Patterns are incorporating these bright hues into delicate floral designs, stripes, spots and swirls. Other pattern trends this summer are reptile and animal prints seen in every style of sandal from seventies style squared-off block high heels to flat gladiator lace ups.

Another fashion revival in sandals is the espadrille, which this time around also receives a bold makeover in bright summer colours such as sunflower yellow, lush grass green and summer sky blue. Today's espadrille range also takes a major leap forward with the addition of towering wedge heeled espadrilles also in a sweltering variety of summer hues, patterns, block colours and strappings.

With the trend in eye-catching colours, patterns and accessories, it is clear that this summer is all about the glamour. Sandals are now not just for the beach or lazy sunny days on the deck and are now making an appearance in the evening shoe category.

Today shoe fashion is all about three things, fun, function and frivolity. A good example of this is this summer's rebirth of the high heeled wedge sandal. The high heeled wedge is a fantastic alternative for those who love sky scraper heels but lack the confidence to wear skinny, gravity defying stiletto heels. The wedge heel is wider and holds the support of the entire foot, allowing for comfort while still allowing the wearer the beauty of the leg extending high heel.

This season's evening sandals are colourful with the addition of intricate embellishments like tiny gemstones, diamante or metal studs and intricate lacework cut into leather. Ribbons and frills also add to the girly glamour, turning the traditional sandal concept into exotically detailed works of art, fit to wear not just this season on balmy summer nights, but all the year round. After all, with detailing, design and colour like the current range of sandals in store, it would be a shame to limit their appearance to just one season.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Occupations That May Require Formal Work Uniforms

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all judge others by their appearance. When we meet someone new, their clothing instantly tells us about their lifestyle, tastes, and personality. For those in the business world, this concept is often used as a tool to establish relationships with clients and prospective customers.
In the world of business, there is a saying, "Always dress better than your best customer," and the concept above is the reason for it. If your employees don't dress, act, communicate as well as your best clients, they will be unable to establish a relationship with them, earn their respect, or appear to be intelligent enough to handle your client's needs.
The following are five occupations where more formal work wear may be needed in order for your employees to dress as well or better than your customers.
Occupations that Require Formal Attire
  • Hotels - If you own a bed and breakfast, your employees won't necessarily need to dress in formal attire. However, if you own a high class resort or a five-star hotel, it will be imperative your concierge, desk clerk, and other employees dress to impress. These locations cater to business men and women and other individuals who typically dress formally in suits.

  • Casinos - Casino's often enforce a formal dress code with their employees for two reasons. The first is to help the employees stand out from the crowd so they can easily be identified by customers. The second reason is to decrease the possibility of any criminal activity taking place; after all, if all of the employees in a certain area are wearing the same black single breasted jacket, waistcoat, and striped trousers, it will be much more difficult for any outsider to enter the cash cage under the guise of an employee.

  • Catering Companies - If you own a catering company, there is a chance you will need several types of uniforms for your employees, because much of what you wear will be based on what the customers wants and each type of event you cater. For weddings, dinner parties, and business gatherings, formal uniform clothing will be necessary to ensure your employees are dressed appropriately for the event and are easily identified.

  • Private Clubs - If you own a private club, you know how strict the rules are for members and guests; they must be even stricter for your employees. Most private clubs only allow members and their guests to enter when dressed in appropriate attire, so your employees must be dressed in this fashion as well with formal lounge jackets and fitted herringbone trousers.

  • Household Staff - Household staffs often need to wear formal office uniforms for certain occasions. While you may not require your domestic helpers to wear formal attire every day, you may want them to dress more appropriately for business dinners, parties, or events held in your home. During these events, your employees will need to dress more formally because your guests will be wearing formal clothing.
If you want your employees to stand out from the crowd, appear intelligent enough to handle your client's needs, and communicate well with your customers, make sure they are wearing the correct type of uniform. Shop for formal work attire from Brook Taverner.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hair Feathers - A Hot New Trend 2012

Since the beginning of the year, a hot new trend has emerged with musicians, movie stars as well as celebrity socialites being photographed with brightly coloured feathers in their hair. These extensions have gained popularity because they allow a lady to add texture and colour to her hair without the need to overspend money and many hours at up market salons. A lady can also change her hairstyle every day with these hair extensions. The trend has quickly picked up as many teenagers and women look to copy it.

Most of the extensions cost around $5 to $10. There are also cheaper kits sold on online stores, which cost about $2. These kits come with an installation guide and more feathers in case a person needs to add more feathers. Attaching the hair feathers to one´s hair may be easy if one follows the directions well enough. To do this, one needs to follow some steps like choosing the right feather, and attaching the feather extensions correctly.

There are various types of feathers available on the market. Some are grizzled, natural, smooth, long, short, fluffy and dyed. One can combine more feathers to make a complex extension. Another option is to match all the colours. This means that one needs to consider his skin tone when choosing a suitable extension. For example, blonde hair goes well with a red extension. It is also essential to pick extensions which match with one´s clothes. Another factor to consider is the feather type. Short, fluffy feathers are best installed to the lower part of the head. They add volume and fullness to one´s hair if they are placed around the ears. Long smooth feathers need to be put very close to the scalp and also in parts where they accentuate the face and add colour to locks.

These extensions need to be attached correctly to the hair. They can be added just like all the other hair extensions. One needs to attach them in a way which enables the extensions to blend in with the hair and also accentuate the face. One can do this by parting the hair and dividing half an inch of hair above the area where she intends to attach the extension. After that, pin that part of the hair at the back of the head and install the extension. Finally, bring the hair back on top of the attached extension.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Are The Hottest Swimsuit Styles For 2012

Even though it may seem like the year has just begun, it is not too early to start thinking about what kind of swimsuit you should wear this summer. Every year, top swimsuit designers from around the world will present their latest designs, and you will find many women wearing such swimsuits when you hit the beach. If you do not want to look out of date, check out this list of top swimsuit styles for 2012.

1) Romantic Ruffles - Swimsuits with romantic ruffles are cute yet sexy. They can come with subtle frills or extravagant cascades, and they can suit all kinds of body shape. Ruffles can make you look curvier, bustier, or slimmer, depending on where they are located.

2) Tie-Up - This year's hottest tie-ups are those with restraining lace-ups, statement straps, and gift-wrap-style ties.

3) Monokini Mania - Cut-out monokinis with linked tops and bottoms are the perfect swimsuits for accentuating the right curves and covering areas of concern. They look like one-piece swimsuits from the front and two-piece swimsuits from the back.

4) Black and White - Black and white is a timeless combination, and it is no surprise that the pairing is still considered trendy today. Whether you are on the beach or poolside, you cannot go wrong with this iconic combination.

5) Juicy Citrus - Orange, lemon, and lime-colored swimwear will make you look more youthful and radiant. Forget neutrals and hit the beach in these refreshing swimsuits.

6) On the Fringe - Whether they drew inspiration from the Native Americans or hippies, many swimsuit designers are incorporating fringe into their designs. Fringe swimsuits can make you the center of attention on any beach.

7) Structured Bikini Tops - Bikinis with structured molded tops provide great bust enhancement and support. If your busts are not as big as you want them to be, these trendy bikini tops will do the trick.

8) Call of the Wild - Both young and old women can enhance their sex appeal by wearing swimsuits that feature animal prints. Animal prints vary in size, and they can come in the form of tiger stripes, leopard spots, or others. You can add a new twist to the classic trend by opting for a fun color combo.

9) Sexy Snakeskin - Snakeskin prints can create a sleek, sexy, and mysterious look, and they are appearing on many top swimwear designers' creations. If you want to look irresistible this summer, get a swimsuit with snakeskin prints.

10) Tie-Dye - The iconic tie-dye look of the 1970s is back. No longer just for the hippies, this psychedelic look has become a part of the current swimsuit culture.

11) White Hot - Crisp white bikinis and one-piece swimsuits may look simple, but they are the pure and powerful new basic in swimwear design.

12) Bling It On - Sparkly clothes are no longer just worn at night. Swimsuits with sequins, jewels, and glitter are now one of the hottest swimwear designs, and they will make you shimmer and turn heads on the beach.