Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Make Accessorise Designer Dresses

Many women enjoy spending a little more than usual now and then to purchase designer clothing, with occasional wear being one of our favourite items to splurge on. On the whole women enjoy dressing up which explains the high popularity of designer dresses. However, some of us only have limited access to the number of stores we can get to, due to location or time, and so in some circumstances it is possible that another woman will be wearing the same designer dress that you have bought.

This is many women's ideas of a nightmare, spending time and money on finding the perfect designer dress, only to turn up to your event and find someone else wearing the same dress. However, fear not, so long as you style the dress with your personal touch, it will help differentiate you from the other person and make your individual style stand out.

When buying designer dresses it can be easy to get carried away in the store and buy all the matching accessories such as handbags and shoes. However if you really want to stand out in your outfit and put your own touch to it, explore other stores for these accompanying items. By venturing out into other designer stores you are broadening your options and allowing yourself to make your own decisions as to what to wear with the outfit.

When shopping for the other accessories, jewellery is always a good place to start. Statement jewellery will always carry a wow factor, however if big, bright jewellery is too much for your style, delicate pieces can also compliment the dress and enhance your look. You do not have to work around the dress when accessorising, you can add to the dress itself. Try adding a belt to give the dress a whole new look, but be careful this won't work on all dresses, but always worth experimenting to see what you can achieve.

Designer dresses are designed to be adaptable, as much as they may be marketed for specific seasons you can always adjust the outfit for other occasions; adding tights or a fur shrug to wear in winter, or adding brighter accessories and wearing sandals for summer.

By remembering to think outside the box when buying any designer dress you will be sure to create your own unique look, and if you do find yourself in the same dress as another individual at the same event, you can rest assured that the way you have accessories and added detail to your dress will help your outfit stand out and not look exactly the same as the other lady in the same dress.

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