Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Discover the World of Women Leather Jackets

Bikes are a sensation among both men and women. They are a speedy and efficient way of getting around town and even across towns. You will burn a lot less fuel on a bike than in a car over the same distance. Bikes may seem the best thing for transport, but all good things have a price. In this case, it is the risk of the biker getting injured in an accident. Bikes are more exposed to risks on the road than cars. A slight hit may just leave a dent on the car, but unbalance a bike and send it sliding on the road. Therefore, utmost protection is required for bikes. Unlike other apparel, women's leather jackets for bikes give more importance to protection among the other features.

Jackets for motorcycles come in a lot of different styles. Some are made from Napa leather, with front, slash and zip pockets for storage purposes. Ladies' fringe jackets with rose inlays are a popular style for biker jackets. They are made of a medium weight top grain leather with two red suede rose inlays on the top front and back. The cropped feminine fit and zip-out quilted lining make this jacket a comfortable choice. There is a raw-hide fringe detail on the front of these jackets. They also have a braided detail on the front and back, a snap down collar and a black front zipper.

Another design of jackets is the classic motorcycle jacket. These jackets are made from soft and naked leather. They have double front vents along with rear and sleeve vents for maximum ventilation. The ventilation helps in evaporating any sweat and makes the jacket comfortable to wear. For storage, pockets are always required in leather jackets. There are two inside pockets, one with a snap closure and the other with a zipper closure. They also have an adjustable half belt and laced sides for an optimal fit throughout the year. As the main purpose of biker jackets is protection to the rider, they have a padded and extended kidney panel. All zippers are YKK zippers.

Bikers need warmth just as much as protection. It is pretty hard riding a bike, especially in winter with the cold wind freezing your body. Women`s long-sleeve polished leather belted biker jackets have long sleeves and lining on both sides for extra warmth. They are made from pure lambskin leather and come with a polished finishing. The polished effect gives a smooth and beautiful look to these jackets. They also feature double front closure zips and two in-seam pockets on both sides. The width of the jacket can be adjusted to give a comfortable fit to the biker. There is also an adjustable waist belt to adjust the jacket accordingly and give you an attractive look.

There are a lot of women's leather jackets out there, and all come in different designs, styles and protection features. So, wear them casually or as part of your biking gear and you can rest assured that everyone's eyes will be on you.

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