Monday, March 5, 2012

Hair Feathers - A Hot New Trend 2012

Since the beginning of the year, a hot new trend has emerged with musicians, movie stars as well as celebrity socialites being photographed with brightly coloured feathers in their hair. These extensions have gained popularity because they allow a lady to add texture and colour to her hair without the need to overspend money and many hours at up market salons. A lady can also change her hairstyle every day with these hair extensions. The trend has quickly picked up as many teenagers and women look to copy it.

Most of the extensions cost around $5 to $10. There are also cheaper kits sold on online stores, which cost about $2. These kits come with an installation guide and more feathers in case a person needs to add more feathers. Attaching the hair feathers to one´s hair may be easy if one follows the directions well enough. To do this, one needs to follow some steps like choosing the right feather, and attaching the feather extensions correctly.

There are various types of feathers available on the market. Some are grizzled, natural, smooth, long, short, fluffy and dyed. One can combine more feathers to make a complex extension. Another option is to match all the colours. This means that one needs to consider his skin tone when choosing a suitable extension. For example, blonde hair goes well with a red extension. It is also essential to pick extensions which match with one´s clothes. Another factor to consider is the feather type. Short, fluffy feathers are best installed to the lower part of the head. They add volume and fullness to one´s hair if they are placed around the ears. Long smooth feathers need to be put very close to the scalp and also in parts where they accentuate the face and add colour to locks.

These extensions need to be attached correctly to the hair. They can be added just like all the other hair extensions. One needs to attach them in a way which enables the extensions to blend in with the hair and also accentuate the face. One can do this by parting the hair and dividing half an inch of hair above the area where she intends to attach the extension. After that, pin that part of the hair at the back of the head and install the extension. Finally, bring the hair back on top of the attached extension.

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