Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Occupations That May Require Formal Work Uniforms

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all judge others by their appearance. When we meet someone new, their clothing instantly tells us about their lifestyle, tastes, and personality. For those in the business world, this concept is often used as a tool to establish relationships with clients and prospective customers.
In the world of business, there is a saying, "Always dress better than your best customer," and the concept above is the reason for it. If your employees don't dress, act, communicate as well as your best clients, they will be unable to establish a relationship with them, earn their respect, or appear to be intelligent enough to handle your client's needs.
The following are five occupations where more formal work wear may be needed in order for your employees to dress as well or better than your customers.
Occupations that Require Formal Attire
  • Hotels - If you own a bed and breakfast, your employees won't necessarily need to dress in formal attire. However, if you own a high class resort or a five-star hotel, it will be imperative your concierge, desk clerk, and other employees dress to impress. These locations cater to business men and women and other individuals who typically dress formally in suits.

  • Casinos - Casino's often enforce a formal dress code with their employees for two reasons. The first is to help the employees stand out from the crowd so they can easily be identified by customers. The second reason is to decrease the possibility of any criminal activity taking place; after all, if all of the employees in a certain area are wearing the same black single breasted jacket, waistcoat, and striped trousers, it will be much more difficult for any outsider to enter the cash cage under the guise of an employee.

  • Catering Companies - If you own a catering company, there is a chance you will need several types of uniforms for your employees, because much of what you wear will be based on what the customers wants and each type of event you cater. For weddings, dinner parties, and business gatherings, formal uniform clothing will be necessary to ensure your employees are dressed appropriately for the event and are easily identified.

  • Private Clubs - If you own a private club, you know how strict the rules are for members and guests; they must be even stricter for your employees. Most private clubs only allow members and their guests to enter when dressed in appropriate attire, so your employees must be dressed in this fashion as well with formal lounge jackets and fitted herringbone trousers.

  • Household Staff - Household staffs often need to wear formal office uniforms for certain occasions. While you may not require your domestic helpers to wear formal attire every day, you may want them to dress more appropriately for business dinners, parties, or events held in your home. During these events, your employees will need to dress more formally because your guests will be wearing formal clothing.
If you want your employees to stand out from the crowd, appear intelligent enough to handle your client's needs, and communicate well with your customers, make sure they are wearing the correct type of uniform. Shop for formal work attire from Brook Taverner.

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