Saturday, March 10, 2012

Key Looks For Sandals

This summer, the key trends in sandals are all about natural materials such as cork, rope and wood and canvas. Cork has seen a major revival in the new wave of high heeled wedges and gladiator style sandals are incorporating string and rope in ankle encasing criss-cross strapping.

However, natural materials don't always mean dull colours. This modern version of the old favourite is dressed up with brightly coloured and patterned leather with a variety of accessories from strapping and frills to intricate embellishments.

Colour and pattern has seen a major revival with sandals in bold fuchsias, radiant yellows and bright happy oranges in block colour across leather and canvas. Patterns are incorporating these bright hues into delicate floral designs, stripes, spots and swirls. Other pattern trends this summer are reptile and animal prints seen in every style of sandal from seventies style squared-off block high heels to flat gladiator lace ups.

Another fashion revival in sandals is the espadrille, which this time around also receives a bold makeover in bright summer colours such as sunflower yellow, lush grass green and summer sky blue. Today's espadrille range also takes a major leap forward with the addition of towering wedge heeled espadrilles also in a sweltering variety of summer hues, patterns, block colours and strappings.

With the trend in eye-catching colours, patterns and accessories, it is clear that this summer is all about the glamour. Sandals are now not just for the beach or lazy sunny days on the deck and are now making an appearance in the evening shoe category.

Today shoe fashion is all about three things, fun, function and frivolity. A good example of this is this summer's rebirth of the high heeled wedge sandal. The high heeled wedge is a fantastic alternative for those who love sky scraper heels but lack the confidence to wear skinny, gravity defying stiletto heels. The wedge heel is wider and holds the support of the entire foot, allowing for comfort while still allowing the wearer the beauty of the leg extending high heel.

This season's evening sandals are colourful with the addition of intricate embellishments like tiny gemstones, diamante or metal studs and intricate lacework cut into leather. Ribbons and frills also add to the girly glamour, turning the traditional sandal concept into exotically detailed works of art, fit to wear not just this season on balmy summer nights, but all the year round. After all, with detailing, design and colour like the current range of sandals in store, it would be a shame to limit their appearance to just one season.

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